We appreciate any help or support you can provide towards our efforts to helping endangered species by supporting our projects in partnership with the Chipembere Rhino Foundation in South Africa, the Pygmy Elephant Project in Borneo and the United Kingdom Orangutan Appeal for Borneo, all of which can be found on our Projects Page.

RAGES Bulletin #23 June/July 2017

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This Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species or RAGES is a Rotarian Action Group and operates in accordance with Rotary International policy but is not an agency of, or controlled by Rotary International.

I.  June/July 2017 CHAIR REPORT

G ‘ day

This edition of the RAGES News is a wee bit late in coming.  We had a great turn up in Atlanta and many new members joined us in our booth in the House of Friendship.

We now have around 630 RAGES members from all around the world.

It has been a busy two months for the RAGES Board members.  We have some dynamic “new” members on the Board who complement the others.  In particular Debbie Mair from New Zealand with her passion for the Pygmy Elephants in Borneo.  We need More Debbies in this world.

Along with Debbie things are moving well with Jo Wilmot in South Africa, expect some very interesting ideas on saving the rhino from Jo and Dr. Will Fowlds.  Sue Sheward is flat out with the Orangutan UK project that Sue is responsible for.

Tom Tochterman with the Black Mambas and the Bush Babies projects will be back in South Africa later this year.  Tom will be meeting up with Dr. Will Fowlds, Jo Wilmot and Debbie Mair at Kruger at the Indlovu Camp

Barbara Shayeb-Helou is working on a visit to the Toronto Zoo after the RI Convention in June next year.  More in the news section.

In the USA Rachael Blair and Clari Nolet are busy looking at ways of improving our media outlets as well as some great ideas for marketing RAGES.

Debbie is going very well with her idea to get the Zentangles colouring in competitions into the schools in New Zealand. Rachael brought along some wonderful prints and posters to Atlanta and they featured and made our booth stand out in Atlanta.   I wrote up about the Zentangles in the last RAGES News.

There will be more on the Zentangles as we develop the project.  Debbie has set a cracking pace with some 63 schools in New Zealand taking on the Zentangles.

Rachael has created a constant contact newsletter specifically designed for the RAGES Zentangles – A Global Art Colouring Experience.  It will be sent to all those individuals who expressed an interest at the RI Convention.  You can get in touch with her directly at [email protected] if you would like to be added to her list or if you require any other information about this initiative.


“We have another 3 schools involved with the RAGES colouring Comp. Educating the children from Postgate, Adventure & Puautahanui schools is the best way to stop extinction by showing the importation of conservation and biodiversity. Engage with the new generation, they are the hope for tomorrow.”  Debbie

Our other Directors, Anne L. Matthews, Bimal Kantaria, Fred Loneragan and Philip Merritt all contribute to our meetings and keep us informed and advised.  Last but by no means least is the Past President of Rotary Britain and Ireland, Eve Conway.  Now that Eve’s year as President of RIBI is over, Eve is going to devote more time with RAGES and the Jane Goodall Institute with their Roots & Shoots programmes.

Our annual report is due out in October and I will make sure that it is done on time and sent to you all.  We have had a good year of consolidation with our group and now we have reached 600 members, which I believe to be a critical mass, we can move onwards and upwards.

Expect some changes and new ideas on how we can be of service, remembering that we are but a catalyst between you and projects involving endangered species. These are projects that we endorse, as they have been researched and they meet important criteria, such as: “Rotary involvement on the ground”.

Do not hesitate to email me with ideas and questions on the way forward for RAGES.


Yours in Rotary
DGN John Glassford
RAGES Chair 2014 -2017

Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species
Rotary Club of Coolamon District 9700
New South Wales, Australia

P.S.  Messages from some of our newest members:



Mohamed Tayub from Malawi:

I am an avid lover of wildlife and currently Malawi is repopulating its national parks with endangered species. One example is the Liwonde national park through african parks received five cheetahs, one unfortunately was lost in the journey to the park. We have now received cheetahs in the park after 100 years. I would love to be apart of this action group!

William Sommerville from Wellington New Zealand:

I have been a member of the RC of Wellington since 1983.  We are the oldest, biggest and “best” club in the country.

I am particularly interested in the pygmy elephants in Borneo.  A relative of ours works for Fonterra so might be able to help there or some other way.  Keep up the good work.

Paolo Zucca living in Trieste, Italy

I would like to congratulate with you for the great initiative of RAGES. I am a Rotarian that is involved too in wildlife conservation. This is my short CV just in case RAGES would need any support in the field of my expertise. Again, congratulations for your great job, Kind regards, Paolo Zucca – Trieste – Italy.

Paolo Zucca is a veterinary surgeon/psychologist with an expertise in wildlife medicine, behaviour analysis and pet therapy. He received his DVM from Parma University, a B.Sc. in Psychology from Trieste University, a PhD in Animal physiology and ethology from Bologna University, a post degree specialization in Aquatic animal health and pathology from Udine University.






What an amazing convention!  They say 40,000 delegates or 38,000 whatever it was busy! Our booth was decorated by Rachael Blair and Dr. Loudon Blair.  We were very busy and missed most of the plenary sessions.

Our break-out session was full so much so that the ushers were turning people away.  Might have been something to do with the bars of chocolate that Rachael and Loudon bought along.

Our thanks to PDG Barbara Shayeb-Helou for moderating the session and to Tom Tochterman for his talk on the Black Mambas.

Above: Rachael Blair with some RAGES members doing some therapy.

Above Dr. Loudon Blair, JJG and Past RIBI President Eve Conway with choccies!

Above PDG Barbara Shayeb-Helou opening the RAGES break out session in Atlanta.

We sincerely thank the following individuals and companies for supporting our efforts at this Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, June 2017.  This was an international effort.

-Endangered Species Chocolate (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Donation of Dark Chocolate with Peppermint Crunch Bars

-Jorge Fernandez Villalba (Tumbes, Peru)

Artist of sketches taken from photos

-Oleksandr Sybirko and Grinchenko (Ukraine)

Zentangles artists for the elephant and rhinoceros.  Gave us free use of their artwork for awareness campaigns.

-Sophie White (Bracknell, England)

Zentangles artist for the orangutan.  Gave us permission to use her artwork for awareness campaigns.

-Strategic Factory (Owings Mils, Maryland)

Created top quality banners

-Got Print (Burbank, California)

Printed postcards

-Earn n Learn (Ahmedabad, India)

Children painted Zentangles and helped with handmade paper cards.

-UMANG  (Jaipur, India)

Handmade paper elephant cards

-Divy Papers (Jaipur, India)

Handmade elephant journals

-Kagzi and Salim Papers (Jaipur, India)

Suppliers of handmade paper

-Rimmu Khandelwal (Jaipur, India)

Project Manager, The Singing Tree

-OCS Printing (Sykesville, Maryland)

Zentangles Reprints

-Pink Moon Billets-Doux (Sykesville, MD)

Purveyors of handmade paper designs

-Orangutan Appeal UK  (England)

Photo credit of baby orangutan being bathed by caregiver

-Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation (South Africa)

Photo credit of orphaned rhino with caregiver

-Dr. Laura Benedict (Veterinarian at Sepilok, Borneo)

Photo credit of 3 orphan pygmy elephants


Artwork of dancing elephants (multi-coloured)

-DGN John Glassford (Coolamon, Australia) and RAGES Board of Directors

-Dr. Loudon Blair , CIENA Corporation (Linthicum, MD)

-Kindness in Action, Inc USA

Here are some photos of the RAGES booth in Atlanta:


Sad to watch, but a MUST watch.

The story of the last rhino in Borneo. Tam is 30 years old and time is running out for him.




This is how RAGES Can cooperate where Sue Sheward and Debbie Mair got together in Borneo.  Well done Sue and Debbie, we need more of this.


Dr Pakee (SWD & WRU veterinarian) and members of the Wildlife Rescue Unit receive the food donated by Orangutan Appeal UK thanks to generous donations from our supporters

The team storing the elephant food which will only last a few weeks

The elephants at Sepilok have been orphaned as a result of habitat loss and human-elephant conflict. We are asking for donations to help feed them.

Thank you to all those who have donated so far. Here’s Dr Pakee of SWD and some of the Wildlife Rescue Unit with the milk replacement we have bought for them using your kind donations.

For further information:



 Debbie and RAGES feature in this month’s edition of Rotary Down Under.








Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center Sabah Borneo, The Orangutan Appeal UK

While you may see some adult Orangutans during a visit to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center, the main purpose of the center is to rehabilitate young orangutans that have been orphaned due to illegal logging and deforestation and those who have been held illegally and kept as pets. The focus of this center is not tourism and there are some things your should understand about this before you make a visit.


Contact:  Orangutan Appeal UK.



Jo is one of our RAGES Directors and lives at Kenton-on-Sea near Port Elizabeth in South Africa.  Jo is one of the members who started  RAGES.  Jo has sent me her report and Jo is doing some great work.  The time has come for us all to see what we can do to support their work for rhinos.

We will keep you updated on some ideas that we are working on.  The main thing that you, your club or district can do is to contact us via our web site and we will put you in touch with Jo and the team at Kenton-on-Sea Rotary Club.






Toronto Zoo tour!

Barbara Shayeb-Helou writes:

“On Thursday : June 28th, 2018 we will have a special tour of the Toronto Zoo.   So don’t book your return trip before Friday June 29th.

Susan Eberth, Toronto Zoo Staff member and RAGES member will see that we get a special Tour.  We will meet at the Zoo in the morning (Time t/b./d) and eat our lunch there.

Rotarian Susan is an expert on primates and spends a month each January in Cameroon working with them.  Most likely our tour will include White and Indian rhinos, gorillas and orangutans. There will be  time for questions and answers.  We will discuss diet for the animal and get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at the Toronto Zoo.”

Cost -$28.US per person
If we get more than 20 people, the cost drops to $23.80 US per person.

Please sign up now.  We will ask for money later.

This will be our first ever Convention/Zoo Tour.  Kindly join us.

This promises to be an exciting highlight of your RI Convention trip and get a chance to meet other RAGES members.

RI Convention Toronto June 23-27 2018


A controversial online auction of rhino horn set to open Monday has been delayed by two days after a legal challenge delayed the South African permit for the sale, the organisers announced.

Outraged conservationists say the three-day auction could undermine the global ban on rhino products, and the South African authorities had moved to ban the sale.

But in an 11th-hour decision on Sunday, the High Court in Pretoria ruled in favour of the auction’s South African organiser, John Hume, who runs the world’s biggest rhino farm.

His lawyer had argued that the seller’s permit had been approved but not issued by the authorities in South Africa, where a ban on domestic rhino horn trade was lifted three months ago.




Below is a safari being organised for 2018 to raise funds for the rhino projects we support in South Africa.  This may appeal to some of you it certainly does for me.  2018 I will be busy as a DG so maybe 2020!  Please down load the brochure and share it among your friends.




RAGES extends an invitation to you to support the Rhino through a Charity safari donated by DTours in Winter 2018. The beneficiary will be the African Rhino Conservation Centre ( ARCC) whose mission:

 “is establishing a facility from which to develop an holistic conservation programme that brings together protection, awareness, wildlife management, community participation and law enforcement in a coordinated collaboration of individuals, rural communities, organisations and government to ensure the future of rhino and other wildlife in the wild.”

A portion of the Cost of the Tour will be paid over to ARCC in a Compulsory Donation for Rhino related projects with ARCC. During the Tour, guests will enjoy Wildlife, History, Culture and a few Community Outreach projects to add value to local schools and villages.

Below is their brochure and more details will follow as to what the funds will do through ARCC. We have been talking with Dr William Fowlds and Grant Fowlds, our rhino consultants, on this way to raise funds and awareness.


PS Big Tim in Kenya Update

From Mama Ndovu Paula Kahumbu

“Good morning friends.Say hello to magnificent Tim. As we prepare for World Elephant Day, Tim is certainly top of mind. If you would like to support trips for children from limited means attending a park trip to Amboseli to meet Tim and his friends, please do make a donation at wildlifedirect.org, message me, or call in at our offices at Karen Connection in Nairobi!”


That’s all for this newsletter and please share wide and far and ask ask ask your fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors to join us at RAGES.  We are growing and we need members to keep the awareness out there we have a unique position in Rotary as we are the only Rotarian Action Group looking after wild animals and their welfare.

Do not hesitate to contact me with ideas and plans to save endangered species.

All the best John.


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