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Former Senator Bob Brown Says No!

Bob Brown


Bob Brown former Senator of the Australian Commonwealth Government and the past leader of the Australia Green Party, a wonderful man, who is seen by many as the honest face of Australian politics. Bob is an amazing human being and his aim remains resolutely optimistic, yet his philosophy is to be defiant, Bob is gently spoken yet fires equal amounts of passion in his supporters and opponents alike, who in many respects is very conventional but has pursued a radical local, national and international agenda. Bob has never lost sight of where it all began, in the fight to save Tasmania’s wilderness areas.

We welcome Bob to our SAY NO! Campaign and we know that all of you Aussies who understand Bob’s passion, will realise that he will bring his endless energy for all animals and our wilderness to the table, and for those who do not know him this man walks the talk. We love you Bob and thanks so much for joining us in this fight to save our endangered species and their environment.