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Together with the Rotary Club of Kenton-on-Sea South Africa and our Projects Director Jo Wilmot, we are developing Rhino International Survival Kits or RISK Boxes. These boxes or kits will be available for Rotary and Rotaract Clubs and Districts to support. These RISK Boxes will contain equipment that will go to various projects engaged in the protection and survival of rhinos in areas of South Africa that are currently under attack by well organised poaching gangs and syndicates. RAGES is looking at sourcing these RISK Boxes in the area of most need so as to keep the economic benefits in that country. These RISK Boxes will start at $500 for the entry level. There are three other levels that will be available.

We appreciate any help or support you can provide towards our efforts to helping endangered species by supporting our projects in partnership with Roots & Shoots Kenya, the Chipembere Rhino Foundation in South Africa and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya all of which can be found on our Projects Page.
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Chris Packham joins the SAY NO! Campaign.

Chris Packham 17 June 2015


Chris Packham – a television presenter, nature photographer, an author and one of the most amazing naturalists of our time. Mesmerising, gutsy, witty, funny and incredibly stylish. It’s such an honour for us. Growing up watching Chris’ shows and following his work to the present day. There’s nothing that you could not like about this genius of a man who will say it as it is. Simply amazing.

Thank you Chris Packham for all that you do.

Chris Packham Web Site

All of the following three legends in wildlife conservation have now joined the SAY NO! Campaign.  Well done Duke Ingram and Rubin Besureis for their amazing work for RAGES.

The Trio


Satoa Legend R.I.P.


Today May 30th is the anniversary of the death of Satoa, 12 months ago the death of this magnificent elephant upset me greatly and spurred me onto to keep working to make RAGES a success. As Rotarians we can help stop the poaching we have influence in high places just have to get the message out there.

I wear his T shirt often, especially today. Africa’s Finest.

The Boys at Nerriga 1 (2) Satoa T shirts Satoa 3


Shelley and Barbie Join Us

Shelley and Barbie


What a great pleasure to have Shelley and Barbie sign our Say No poster campaign. Certainly soul sisters is a word that I would use with their endless fundraising, campaigning and fighting for the forgotten to be loved and justice in our world. Victory for Animals a non-profit organisation, comprised of a compassionate caring team, dedicated to assist, protect, and defend domestic animals. They exist to promote the humane treatment of animals and prevent cruelty to animals through continuous education. They have a rescue and adoption centre in Trenton, Ontario Canada and hope to help as many dogs and cats get away from the harsh dog and cat meat trade. Our wonderful angels work with international adopters in order to find dogs and cats new homes. Canadian animals are always taken care of first and foremost but they love spreading love to all animals. And we couldn’t agree more. It is people like Shelley and Barbie that make this world a greater place. Hands-on action and education has always been the key to make positive changes in this world.

For more information please visit:


Dame Vivienne Westwood Joins Us!

Dame Vivienne Westwood

A revolution in soul, mind, body and spirit. One of the greatest teachers and leaders of our modern day. An icon, a legend, a gift to our world. Vivienne Westwood is the revolution and we stand proud to be on the same page, as her great work extends from her amazing fashion to most importantly saving our beautiful planet with her Climate Revolution and Save The Arctic movements. Come and be a part of it! Please share far and wide. And if you choose to vote – go Green.

For more informantion on Climate Revolution please visit:

More Wonderful People SAY NO!!!

Tim Harrison


The wonderful Tim Harrison joins the Say No campaign, the subject of the internationally award winning film “The Elephant In The Living Room”, which I’m sure you’ve all seen. Breeding tigers and lions in your back yard as well as keeping dangerous exotic pets is an absolutely big no no in our books, and Tim is a man who knows is all about that. Some face their fate – “A SANCTUARY”, which for some is actually the canned hunting trade. Tim Harrison is all about making changes and we can’t tell you how much we support him with that. It’s great to have the real deal on board.
Lets stamp it out.

For more info please join and support:



Great to have Eve Conway of Rotary Great Britain and Ireland on board the Say No campaign. Great lunch and great talks.

Stay tuned for updates.

Very exciting.

Nicholas Duncan and Paula master


RAGES wishes to sincerely thank Nicholas Duncan, president of the Save African Rhino Foundation who recently signed the SAY NO poster at a public talk/auction in Perth Western Australia.  The Save African Rhino Foundation was started in July 1989,by Nicholas who has dedicated the last 28 years of his life on a purely 100% voluntary basis towards saving the rhino in Africa. Nicholas works tirelessly by raising funds for this not for profit organisation by hosting annual dinners/auctions fundraising events, Safaris and member donations.One of the leading supporters of rhino conservation in Zimbabwe, the SAVE African Rhino Foundation has donated more than $5.2 million worth of field equipment, supporting the ongoing wildlife war in Africa.

And the biggest thank you to Paula Wiegmink – the creator of the Crying Rhino painting, and without it this campaign would not be possible.

For more on Nicholas’ work visit:

Damien Mander

RAGES would like to thank wildlife warrior Damien Mander for signing the SAY NO poster at a public talk in Perth Western Australia. Damien who now resides in South Africa served as a Special Operations Sniper and Clearance Diver in the Australian Defence Force.  In 2009 he used his life savings to start the International Anti-poaching Foundation. This organisation is dedicated to the protection and preservation of wildlife by focusing on ranger training and establishing crack anti-poaching units. The IAPF -has operated in South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique and continues to give support by training local units free of charge. The IAPF is funded by fundraising activities and grants.

For more information on Damiens work please visit:

Jean Claude Van Damme SAYS NO!!!!



RAGES is very pleased to welcome on board one man who’s been known as a police officer, a universal soldier, a kick-boxer, a street fighter, a villain and a hero. A man who has won many fights and battles on screen and in real life and definitely can kick any poachers ass back to where they so rightly belong. Our hero has a heart of gold and a huge love for animals, a knight in shining armour with a twist. Be warned, this man means serious action. Thank you so much Jean-Claude Van Damme for signing our SAY NO poster, it’s such an honour to have you.