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Together with the Rotary Club of Kenton-on-Sea South Africa and our Projects Director Jo Wilmot, we are developing Rhino International Survival Kits or RISK Boxes. These boxes or kits will be available for Rotary and Rotaract Clubs and Districts to support. These RISK Boxes will contain equipment that will go to various projects engaged in the protection and survival of rhinos in areas of South Africa that are currently under attack by well organised poaching gangs and syndicates. RAGES is looking at sourcing these RISK Boxes in the area of most need so as to keep the economic benefits in that country. These RISK Boxes will start at $500 for the entry level. There are three other levels that will be available.

We appreciate any help or support you can provide towards our efforts to helping endangered species by supporting our projects in partnership with Roots & Shoots Kenya, the Chipembere Rhino Foundation in South Africa and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya all of which can be found on our Projects Page.

Scale of the Trade Pangolins

Pangolin photo 2.jpg


Pangolins are the world’s only scaly mammal, and they are also one of the most endangered and traded animals in the world. Every day, approximately 270 pangolins are illegally poached for their scales and meat. These unique, vulnerable animals urgently need protecting but this cannot be achieved alone. Conservation Scientist, Trica Burgess, is calling for your support.

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Welcome to RAGES Inc.

The Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species or RAGES, operates in accordance with Rotary International policy but is not an agency of, or controlled by Rotary International.


Greetings everyone!  If you are a Rotarian, Rotaractor or family member of a Rotarian, then you are eligible to join our Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species or RAGES.

If you are eligible and want to join we need you to please list below your name, the name of your Rotary club or Rotaractor club, Rotary District, and country. If you are a family member of a Rotarian, then list the Rotary club of your family member. There will be no membership dues.

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Dr. Jane Goodall has accepted our invitation to become the Patron of RAGES.  This following a meeting in Sydney that we had with Jane on her 80th birthday tour of the world.  We discussed a potential partnership with Rotary using RAGES and the JGI Roots & Shoots programme in Kenya.  We are excited about the potential for this partnership in all of the 138 countries that Roots & Shoots operate in.

jane goodall signing email

Dr.Jane Goodall signs the poster SAY NO!  This poster will be the centrepiece of an upcoming campaign featuring Besuries and their wonderful music.  Stay tuned for more signings.

“It is likely that some extinction is a consequence of world biological, climatological or systemic process beyond our immediate ability to control. However, extinctions caused by wanton greed, the harvesting of body parts for superstitious uses, and/or poaching for immediate needs can be stopped, particularly when the species at risk (particularly great cats, elephants, and rhinos) can be the focus of economic activity that generates income and livelihood through local stewardship.”

“This is a mission worthy of Rotary”.  Jon Deisher

Jon Deisher was a member of the Rotary Club of Anchorage, Alaska (D5010) U.S.A.

Footnote Jon Deisher passed away today 16th February 2016.  I will miss this man and his passion for wildlife.

Jon DeisherJon Deisher 3Jon Deisher 2

Anneka Svenskas Speech

Here is Anneka Svenskas speech in London on the 30th April.


RAGES Anneka

Anneka Svenska is a naturalist, broadcaster and film maker. Anneka founded ‘Green World Television‘ in 2014 in order to intertwine her film making abilities with her animal conservation work, her passion being to help animal charities who struggle with film making and to be one of the fore runners in reporting on wildlife crime. She now produces strong films & campaigns, some created to give animal and environmental charities a much needed voice in the world of television.

Anneka has filmed in South Africa alongside the incredible Black Mamba anti-poaching unit, worked one on one with wild wolves, filmed for The Badger Trust, Born Free, LionAid, The Dog’s Trust, The Mayhew Animal Home, Wetnose Animal Aid, Helping Rhinos, VegfestUK and Wildlife Trusts. She has also rescued over 300 dogs from the meat industry in Thailand and from Cyprus and Romania.  As well as being a conservationist, Anneka is a staunch vegan and believes that the future sustainability of the planet lies in compassion to animals and all living beings.

Three rhinos shot at Sibuya Game Reserve near Kenton-on-Sea

Sibuya 1 Sibuya 2

We are devastated at the news that 3 rhino have been poached this morning at our neighbour Sibuya Game Reserve. We are on high alert and supporting the police investigation. Read more:


Last year we were overjoyed to welcome Binky to the world, the Reserve and our hearts. Today is a dark day @Sibuya as ruthless poachers invaded last night brutally killing Binky’s mother and the mother of an another three month old calf. A third Rhino was targeted but has been resuscitated by the Vet. He’s badly injured but has been treated and we are hoping for the best. As both babies are suckling they still need to be fed, so have been successfully darted and are on their way to a baby Rhino orphanage where we hope they will survive. All at Sibuya are devastated and heart broken.

We thank you for your support and messages.

We met these same rhinos last May William Fowlds works with them next door is Kariega where Thandi and Thembi live. I am devastated and do not want to show these pics. We need action not words and I am beyond angry.

Gentle creatures and here is one we met there and I pray she is OK.

Our Friend

Australia First Country to Place Immediate Ban on Lion Trophies

1005 SA

Australian environment minister Greg Hunt made a bold and important move for the welfare of lions by signing an order banning any import or export of any trophy body part of a lion.

Hunting of lions for sport, show, and profit has become a major problem for wild lion populations over the past 25 years especially.  A practice known as “canned hunting” has become unfortunately widespread in which lions are intentionally bred in captivity only to be more or less handed over to international hunters for sport.  Often times in these circumstances the lions are drugged or baited, further adding to the gruesome inhumanity of it.

Due to a multitude of factors, the lion population has fallen to 40,000, 50% less than it was 25 years ago, according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare.  There are many factors contributing to this such as habitat loss, human conflict, and skewing of the genetic balance within lion communities by removing large male lions for illegal hunting purposes.


Sir Peter Blake Says NO!

Sir Peter Blake

What an honour to have Sir Peter Blake open up our new Say No poster in celebration of Dr. Jane Goodall’s 25th anniversary of Roots & Shoots.

Sir Peter Thomas Blake, CBE, RDI, RA is an English pop artist, best known for co-creating the sleeve design for the Beatles’ album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
During the late 1950s, Blake became one of the best known British pop artists. His paintings from this time included imagery from advertisements, music hall entertainment, and wrestlers, often including collaged elements. Blake was included in group exhibitions at the Institute of Contemporary Arts and had his first solo exhibition in 1960.

In the ‘Young Contemporaries’ exhibition of 1961 in which he exhibited alongside David Hockney and R.B. Kitaj, he was first identified with the emerging British Pop Art movement. Blake won the (1961) John Moores junior award for Self Portrait with Badges. He came to wider public attention when, along with Pauline Boty, Derek Boshier and Peter Phillips, he featured in Ken Russell’s Monitor film on pop art, Pop Goes the Easel, broadcast on BBC television in 1962. From 1963 Blake was represented by Robert Fraser placing him at the centre of swinging London and brought him into contact with leading figures of popular culture.

It’s so amazing to have Sir Peter Blake join the Say No campaign for the protection of endangered species.

What a lovely man.